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Organize ideas, people, plans and resources

MindManager is a comprehensive organizer for PC users who want to keep track of just about anything in their daily lives.

Sometimes complicated project management tasks can be made easier by compiling the data graphically. Similar in concept to EDraw Mindmap, MindManager is a very complete tool that will help you do just that, mapping your ideas and hopefully streamlining and refining the decision-making process while it does.

MindManager is an attractive tool that most users will immediately feel comfortable with. It's worth following the Interactive Quick Start guide so you can familiarize yourself with the program's main functions and features. By the time you've finished, you should easily be capable of creating your own maps. There are endless uses for MindManager. If you have the ideas, this program will give you the means to express them, in an attractive and ordered way that will make it much easier when the time comes to act.

MindManager has lots of extras that allow you make your maps as detailed as you want. You can add multiple Topics, Sub-Topics, Relationships and other elements. Everything can be dragged and dropped, and right clicking will allow you to add elements such as icons, notes, images, links and attachments. Once you've finished, you can treat the document as any other text, editing, spell-checking and exporting to various formats.

MindManager's main attraction lies in how easy it is to organize information and ideas. A complicated idea soon becomes a workable plan when you get it down on paper, and MindManager's user-friendly interface means that you can move elements around as much as you like until you get it right. MindManager also has features such as a timer, brainstorming mode and built-in internet capabilities, elements that take an already great program to another level.

MindManager makes organizing even the most complex projects a total breeze.


  • Easy to get started and use
  • Great help options
  • Fully modifiable maps
  • Offers a variety of styles and templates


  • Must register to share documents

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MindManager 20.1 for PC

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